Child and Adolescent Sessions

There are many reasons children and adolescents access therapy. They may have experienced a loss (parental separation or death of a loved one); they may have experienced trauma (physical/sexual abuse, physical/emotional neglect or witnessing domestic violence); they may be struggling to concentrate in school or develop appropriate relationships with peers. Whatever your child’s journey has been, assuring their mental health is supported during crucial developmental periods is important.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length and may include the parents, caregiver or other family members.

Adult Sessions

Some people decide to seek out therapy to deal with a specific problem. They may have experienced a trauma, loss, major life transition, or they may be struggling to manage their anger, depression or an addiction. Others access therapy without a specific target in mind. They may be overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and just not feeling like themselves, but they are unsure why.

Whether you have an issue in mind, or you just feel like you need support navigating current circumstances, therapy can help manage symptoms and support learning, healing and growth.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length.

Family Sessions

Simply put, family therapy targets issues that impede family functioning. These might include: parental conflict, parent/child conflict, addiction, mental health concerns, or communication. While all members of the family will be included, the therapist may also choose to meet with individual family members at times.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length.