TrueNorth Counselling and Support Services

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, isolated or hopeless - or experiencing fatigue, racing/intrusive thoughts, addiction or anger, you are not alone, and talking with a therapist could help. Utilizing evidence based treatment methods, a therapist can help you: process traumatic events, manage negative thought patterns, develop communication and emotional regulation skills, or strengthen relationships.

At TrueNorth our goal is to create a safe space, free of judgement, to promote learning, healing and growth during every session. Contact us for a free 20 minute phone consultation, or to book an appointment. 

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Child and Adolescent Sessions (Ages 4 - 18) Adult Sessions (Ages 18 and up) Family Sessions

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Clinical Trauma Assessment Parenting/custody evaluations Offender risk assessments Behavioural assessments Intellectual/capacity assessments.

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Fees and Insurance

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Alexis Laird MSW, RSW, TITC-CT
I have worked with children and families in Northern Alberta for the past 8 years, and am passionate about making quality mental health services more accessible in remote and rural areas. I have completed a Bachelor of Social Work from St. Thomas University, a Clinical Masters of Social Work from the University of Calgary and a Clinical Traumatologist designation from the Traumatology Institute.
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  • 9912A Manning Avenue, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada